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Update, Jan/2019

I really liked working on this, so I picked it up again recently and have been trying to work out some of the kinks. Still not perfect, but I'm uploading a (hopefully) playable version for some friends to take a look at and try out.  

There are a few things I'm still hoping to finish up. The audio is rough, and I'll probably be polishing up the art a little bit too. The save system is working much better than in the earlier upload, but still collapses unpredictably and catastrophically sometimes so... its not quite there yet. I also have an idea for the tutorial area that shouldn't take too long to get working right, so I'd like to see if I can get that in before calling this thing "done". 

There are four ways to "beat the game" and make it past the second end sign. Let me know which ones you can find! 

Unfortunately, this thing isn't optimized at all right now! Sorry about that. I'll look into adding scalability controls soon. 


Original post:

Jam/prototype made in July 2018 for the unofficial Waypoint game jam. Super short, rough, buggy, unfinished etc. Sorry for the huge, windows-only build! I'm going to see if I can get iOS/linux builds working, but I can't make any promises that I'll have them available soon.


There are three ways to make it past the second sign (and only the one for the first sign). None of them are as well communicated as I was hoping to make them, so I'll leave three hints below for folks who are interested but stuck.

Plays a little bit easier with a gamepad. Main controls are Left/Right shoulder buttons [or left/right shift] to slow down or speed up the camera, start [esc] to pause the game, and also all of the other controls!

I made the mistake of thinking I could squeeze in sound/music at the last minute, which just didn't work out, so there's no audio. :( 

The state-saving system isn't totally iron clad. It might start getting a little mushy after numerous switches (especially if you're hopping way forwards/backwards) which can affect the game in weird ways. You can reload the level if things start seriously misbehaving (pause->backspace).

Engine is UE4; models made in blender; where there are textures (try and count them) they're free from poliigon  (dont ask me about that entryway hardwood). Thanks to Oliver for help throughout!


Three spoilery secret hints : 

here they come

1. The refrigerator! 2. The super scary incoming storm!!!! 3.  Seeds need water!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Buffer zone for people who want to post comments but dont want to know secrets....

Hello comments!

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and run WP_TheLongGame.exe.


TheLongGame_Jan29.zip 300 MB
TheLongGame_Aug06_2018.zip 140 MB

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